Are we Overcomplicating Sales?

Are we overcomplicating sales and making it much harder than it needs to be???

At its core, sales is really quite simple. There are two primary reasons why people buy or change:

1. Avoidance of pain
2. Pursuit of gain

Our job as sellers is to understand the challenges which our clients are having today and what outcomes they desire most tomorrow.

This needs to occur at both the company and individual level.

If a client is unwilling to open up and share their challenges or goals with us, then we must share more about the problem we solve, the outcomes we deliver to clients, and validate if they even have that problem or desire those outcomes.

This will usually spark a conversation.

If we learn we can help them through our product or service, then we show them exactly how.

If we can’t help them, we walk away or better yet, point them to another resource who can.

At its core, this is the foundation of almost every sales methodology out there: SPIN, GAP, MEDDPICC, Challenger and more.

If we put aside all the fancy sales methodologies, processes, systems, and technology for a moment and focus simply on having human to human conversations focused on understanding our customers and seeing if we can help them, the sales will naturally follow.

Sales come from conversations, not pitches.

In today’s video, I share some simple, yet powerful questions you can ask to get clients to open up about their existing challenges and desired outcomes.



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