Fireside Chat with Nitin Mehta, #1 AE at Mulesoft

For this month’s Fireside Chat, I’m thrilled to speak with Nitin Mehta, who has been a Gold coaching client for over a year. Nitin joined my program after getting hired at Mulesoft, and he wanted to hit the ground running.

In his first full fiscal year, he finished #1 of 20 mid-market AEs for most ACV closed in Technology, Media, & Telecommunications vertical, was awarded New Logo Champion for closing most new logos out of 50 account executives, and was recognized on the list of top performing AEs worldwide from the Chief Revenue Officer of MuleSoft. 

All this earned him a promotion to Enterprise AE after his first fiscal year, which typically takes 5+ years. 

Nitin put into practice everything that I taught him, including prioritizing time on larger deals, practicing Stoicism to stay grounded, meditating and exercising regularly, and having a ton of fun in the process. 

It’s a playbook we all can learn from in the highly competitive and stressful world of sales, especially now!

In this chat, Nitin shares how he finished #1 in his first year. We cover several of his best practices, including: 

  1. Why he decided to move into SaaS sales after previously co-founding a business
  2. Using Yo-Yo selling to get to Senior Executives quickly in his top accounts
  3. Why focusing on fewer, but bigger deals helped him sell more
  4. How he used PREDICT selling to only work with qualified opportunities. 
  5. How he got promoted to Enterprise so quickly

Nitin’s story is inspiring for anybody looking to perform to their full potential, even at a new role or company. 


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