My Best Sales Technique to Sell Anything to Anyone

There’s a lot of effective sales techniques out there, but I’ve never heard anyone discuss the very best technique of all, which I used to sell over 100M in my sales career. 

Here’s why: it goes against everything that you’ve ever been taught about sales. 

We’ve been taught that sales is a performance sport, and we are measured by our % of quota. 

But that’s not what sales is; that’s just an outcome. 

Sales is a lot more simple than that. 

Selling is helping a client achieve a goal or solve a problem. 

With that in mind, the best sales technique is this: 

Stop caring about getting the sale, and start caring about helping the person you’re speaking with. 

It may sound simple, but it’s not easy in the high pressure world of sales. It’s extremely effective for 3 main reasons: 

Reason #1: Nobody wants to be sold to and everybody hates pressure. 

People want to make their own decisions and feel empowered to have choices; not be persuaded or “sold to.” If you don’t believe me, try “convincing” your spouse to do something they don’t want to do and let me know how that goes. People need to come to decisions on their terms, not yours

Reason #2: Sales is a transfer of energy

If you are focused on helping your clients, your clients will feel that when they speak with you. Have a conversation with your clients focused on understanding whether or not you can help them before discussing your solution. If your client feels like you have their best interest at heart, they will lean in and want to work with you. If they feel like you are trying to close a deal, they will smell your commission breath and pull back. Be interested, not interesting.

Reason #3: Your job is not to sell them, but the show them how you can help them 

Once you understand their needs and feel confident that it’s a good fit, then you can discuss your solution and next steps. The sale comes when clients feel confident that you have the solution, team, and plan to help them solve their problem or achieve their goal. Your job is to demonstrate that you understand their needs and have the best possible solution to help. This is where trust comes from. Show them you know them. Then it’s up to them to decide to move forward. If it’s in their best interest, odds are that they will. 

Top sellers share this mindset: I’m here to serve you and if you decide not to move forward, it’s completely fine. Your loss, not mine. 

This requires detaching from your outcomes, and attaching to their outcomes.

In today’s training video, I walk you through exactly how to use this technique to sell anything to anyone. 


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