Pick your Clients to Close more Deals, and Avoid Commission Breath

The psychology of sales: 

When customers feel like you need them, they will feel like they don’t need you. When they feel like you don’t need them, they will feel like they need you.

A major challenge in sales is that many reps show up as “needy” because they are dependent on clients to hit their quotas. 

When I stopped showing up as needy and started understanding the value that I brought to clients, everything changed. 

Sales is a two way street. 

 To be truly effective, you must choose to work with clients who want and need your help, and are willing to invest their time, resources, and money to solve the problems which you can help with. 

When you do this, your closing ratio will likely double and you will also enjoy selling so much more. 

In today’s video, I break down how to hand pick your clients so that you are only working with highly qualified clients. 

Here are the five top steps to picking your clients: 

1. Work with only those in your ICP. 

2. Understand the problem they are trying to solve

3. Make sure that your solution is a great fit for this specific problem. If it feels like a stretch to help them, send them elsewhere where it’s a better fit. 

4. Make sure they are nice to work with. If they are abusive, rude, or disrespectful, have some dignity and go elsewhere. 

5. Make sure they are engaged. Sales is a two way street. 


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