The Truth about Money Motivation in Sales

I believe that “money motivation” is a great driver for salespeople. 

However, the pursuit of money alone will leave salespeople feeling unfulfilled and empty inside if it’s their only reason for working in sales over the long term. 

Here’s what I mean:

Most salespeople i know originally chose to pursue a sales career because of the unlimited earning potential. 

In most companies, your income is directly proportional to what you sell and most salespeople love getting compensated based on their performance. 

The harsh reality is that sales is a difficult, stressful profession as we are constantly riding a roller coaster of emotions as we win and lose big deals, deal with rejection, and feel the constant pressure to perform. 

In order to persevere through the day to day challenges and obstacles, we must have a clear idea of WHY we are selling. 

Without a strong why, most salespeople will not give their all and show up fully every day. 

And money motivation alone is very poor why. 

The best salespeople have a very clear vision, purpose, income goal, and idea of what they will do with the money once they get it. 

They also reset their why every year so they stay motivated and hungry. 

When money is mapped to our goals and purpose, this is positive money motivation. 

Here are a few examples from my own career:

1. Making enough money so my wife Sandy could be a full time mom and care for our son, who is on the Autism spectrum  

2. Buying our dream house in a neighborhood with great schools  

3. Using exceeds commissions to invest in real estate so that we could have passive income stream and long term financial freedom 

4. Being able to travel to nice places and create amazing memories with our family. 

5. Performing at the highest possible level to show others what’s possible in sales and inspire them to give it their all every day!   

When money motivation is mapped to serving and providing for others, it can be hugely motivating over a sustained period.  

When money is mapped solely to acquiring material goods or showing off to others, this is much less motivating and will feel like a constant grind without purpose. 

In todays video, I share how to use money as a positive motivator so you can lead by example, provide for those you love, and live the life of your dreams through the vehicle of sales.


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