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Coach with a high-tier sales expert with the right experience.

Client Testimonials: what's it like to work with ian?

Sales Coaching For Individuals & Teams

Whether you're an individual contributor or team leader, you need to learn from someone who's doing the job and performing at the highest level. Ian lives, breathes, and sleeps sales and he'll teach you how to crush your goals.

Individual Coaching

No matter where you are in your sales career, Ian's sales coaching will help you improve.

Ian's private and group coaching programs you the secrets of his success so you can crush your quota and perform at the highest level, including live access to Ian

Team Coaching

If you're tired of sending your team to a one-day course that rarely gets applied, Ian's group coaching programs provide your team with ongoing coaching all year long.

Invest in ongoing coaching that will actually moves the needle on your business!

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    Change Your Mindset

    Discover what's keeping you from your goals to get your mind right for better results. 

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    Master Your Selling Skills

    Master proven sales techniques to dramatically boost your conversion rates.

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    Crush Your Quota

    Overachieve to breakthrough and get the income you've always wanted.

"What impressed me the most about Ian was that he didn't just try to sell me on some one size fits all product. He took an immense amount of time learning about our business, meeting with stakeholders, shadowing users and compiling information. Ian's curiosity, tenacity, work ethic and integrity made what could have been a very grueling process much easier."

- Alex Martinez
CEO, First Legal | Partner, Healthcare Logistics Management

Sales Coaching that Moves the Needle

There are too many courses out there that teach the same old sales tactics from trainers who haven't sold in the field for years. And what happens when you take those courses? Nothing.

You're too busy to spend your time, or hard earned cash, on a program that's not going to help you hit your goals. You don't need more busy work. You need ongoing, live coaching that will move the needle.

You're already doing the basics. You know how to hit numbers—what you need is the secrets of taking it to the next level. Not just performing well, but blowing it out of the park.

You need to learn from someone who's been there, done it, and is still doing it at the highest level. Ian is a top performer at one of the top tech sales companies in the world—RIGHT NOW. He lives, breathes, and sleeps sales, and he's crushing it in the real world.

Get access to all the secrets Ian uses to get his own results with ongoing coaching and live access to Ian for one year.

On-Demand Sales Coaching

Coach at your own pace, whenever you like

Ian's coaching pull from 18 years of peak performance and proven sales strategies. Begin the path to sales mastery and increased income while avoiding the daily grind and burnout. Listen and learn as he teaches you how to up-level your sales and unlock your full sales potential by deploying the right mindset, habits, skills, and strategies to move the needle in your business.

On Demand

Online Training

Selling software and services requires you to become a trusted advisor  to your clients. Receive 24/7 access to 12 online training courses for one year delivered via the web or mobile app


Live Coaching +
Online Training

Live weekly coaching calls with Ian to review sales content, answer questions, and get Ian's help applying the content to your business. Includes full access to On Demand coaching via web or mobile app


1:1 Coaching +
Group & Online Training

Includes OnDemand & Group Coaching, plus twelve private, 55 minute coaching sessions with Ian focused on helping you get from "good" to "great"

Who is this Sales Coaching for?

Coaching Overview: What to Expect

Online Coaching + Live Group Coaching

Ian's been a top performing Account Executive for 18 years, and you can get the secrets to his success in his online courses.

You'll get 24/7 access to all online courses for 12 months so you can train whenever it works for you—and you'll also have access to Ian's weekly group coaching for live help.

Ian holds group coaching sessions every week, and as a student you'll be able to hop onto the Zoom call to get your individual questions answered by the sales master himself. This is an incredibly powerful way to accelerate your learning and get help implementing strategies in real world deals.

And if your schedule doesn't line up with the group coaching time, the calls will always be recorded and posted in the portal so you have access to the extra help as well.

Online Team Training Packages

As a high-performing Account Executive himself, Ian knows what works. He's taught dozens of sales teams and hundreds of individuals during his career, and now he's making that experience available for your team as well.

Team training is always a challenge, but with Ian your employees can train whenever and wherever it works for them while you ensure they're learning from the best.

Ian's online training includes courses on strategic selling, high velocity sales, and the mindset and habits of winners.

Students have 24/7 access to the online learning portal for 12 months and can also ask Ian questions in live, regularly scheduled video office hours. Office hours are always recorded so students can review them if they're not able to participate on a given week.

Custom pricing packages are available based on your team's size and needs. Call for a quote.


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Alex Kremer

Sales Manager at Outreach
"Ian is an incredible mentor and sales teacher. Not only does he coach on effective selling techniques and strategies, but he also discusses how to sell from an authentic and abundant mindset. You can’t help but feel more energized and motivated after a conversation with Ian."
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Camilo Isaza

Strategic Sales at Square
"Working with Ian has been a life changing experience for me, both personally and professionally. His leadership coaching and sales training enabled me to accelerate my career and become significantly more influential within my organization. One hour with Ian is the equivalent of one year of personal development on your own."
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Miles Robertson

Account Executive at Salesforce
"Ian is hands down one of the strongest Sales Leaders in the Marketplace, and I highly recommend connecting with him to sharpen your Sales Skills, Sales Process, Communication Skills, or furthering your career in any domain as Ian will be able to get at the heart of what motivates you and push you forward towards your desired outcome."

Weekly Sales Tips To Increase Your Performance.

Get weekly tips and tricks to build yourself and your performance, all pulled directly from Ian's personal experiences as a 17-year career account executive. You'll get a weekly email and bite-sized video lessons directly to your inbox to put you at the top of your game.