4 Steps to become a Trusted Advisor

How do you become a trusted advisor to your clients, and why is this so important? 

When you become a trusted advisor, clients willingly accept your recommendations, competition rarely exists, and it feels like a true partnership. 

Unfortunately, most AE’s are seen as vendors, not trusted advisors. 

Let’s first define a trusted advisor: 

A trusted advisor is an individual that’s given a seat at the customer’s table, usually with their Senior Executives who set the strategy and direction of the company. 

This is where SI’s like Deloitte, Accenture, PWC, Boston Consulting Group, an McKinsey typically sit.

 Instead of being seen as just another vendor, a trusted advisor is considered a strategic partner that customers view as an asset to reach their highest goals and priorities. 

For most software or tech AE’s, becoming a trusted advisor is difficult because they aren’t viewed by customers as neutral because they are pushing their own products and services. 

Whereas customers will willingly open up to SI’s and consulting organizations, who are seen as objective and serving the customers’ best interest. 

So how exactly do you become a trusted advisor when working for a SaaS company or technology provider?

In today’s training video, I outline the 4 steps every tech sales rep MUST make to become a trusted advisor and move from vendor to Strategic Partner. 

PS – it’s also a lot more fun to sell this way and it drives MUCH bigger deals. 


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