Are you in Sales Purgatory?

I’m seeing more sales reps living in “sales purgatory” than ever before. 

So what exactly is sales purgatory? 

It’s when you work in sales, but aren’t ALL IN on your sales career. 

There are a variety of reasons why people are in sales purgatory today: 

  1. They feel like they can’t be successful in their role
  2. They feel overwhelmed and don’t see a path to hitting their number
  3. They lack confidence and feel like an imposter
  4. They feel like they don’t have the knowledge or skills to be successful
  5. They are avoiding RGA’s, and giving into distractions and “busywork”

These reasons cause people to lose hope and ask themselves “what’s the point?” 

Regardless of the reason, the WORST PLACE you can be is somewhere where you aren’t trying your best. 

As human beings, we are wired to work. It’s in our DNA. 

And when we aren’t working our hardest and giving our ALL, we feel guilty and anxious. 


That’s why I call it purgatory – because it’s like we are floating in an infinite void, unsure of where we are going and how to get there. 

If this sounds dismal, here’s the good news. 

There’s HOPE! 

Nobody stays in purgatory forever. 

If you’ve been stuck in sales purgatory for a while, my latest training video will help you get out of purgatory and into an ALL IN state! 

There are five keys to going ALL IN on yourself and your sales career. 

In this week’s masterclass, you’ll: 

  • Learn what Sales Purgatory looks like and identify if you are there
  • Gain insights on why going ALL IN is the only way out of Sales Purgatory. 
  • Learn the five keys to going ALL IN and staying there every single day

These 5 Keys to going ALL IN will not only help you redefine what it means to succeed, but will also enhance the way you perceive every challenge and opportunity you face. 


PS – If you need help getting out of Sales Purgatory and into an ALL IN state, my team is now offering a free 30 minute coaching strategy! You can book it here:


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