A major mistake people make in sales is to lead by talking about themselves, their company, or their products. This is a sure way to quickly lose your customers attention and break rapport.

If you want people to like and trust you, the first thing you need is do is show you are interested in them. A proven way to do this is by researching them before you meet or even reach out.

Here are the key ways I research:

1. Listen to a podcast, interview, or video that they’ve spoken on. Take notes and jot down the key challenges, goals, and lessons they are sharing.

2. Go to their LinkedIn and find out where they worked, went to school, and personal interests, causes, or charities they support.

3. Get the intel from your network on what they are like before meeting with them and the best way to communicate with them during your meeting.

Once you’ve finished your research, TAKE ACTION by reaching out directly with a personalized, tailored message playing back what you heard and why you want to meet, ideally by offering to help with some of the areas they are challenged with and giving an example of how you’ve done so with other customers.


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