Can Money Buy Happiness?

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

-Gertrude Stein

While it’s  true that money itself can’t buy happiness, it can afford you the time, freedom, and opportunity to pursue and do things that can lead to happiness. 

It can also help you provide for your family and loved ones in ways that bring them happiness, and allow you to find meaning and purpose in your own life. 

At least that’s been my experience….. 

But money motivation alone is NOT enough to be successful! 

The best salespeople have a very clear vision, purpose, income goal, and specific idea of what they will do with the money once they get it. 

Here are a few examples of clients who used money motivation for a greater purpose: 

  1. One client, and Enterprise AE at SAP, is financially caring for her younger sister. She sold over 2M ACV in December alone! 
  1. Another former client quit being a soccer coach to pursue a career in sales because he had difficulty paying for his son’s Club Soccer on his previous salary. He finished as a top rep in his company for several years and was promoted to VP of Sales. 
  1. Another client wanted to start a real estate business, and needed a nest egg big enough to leave Corporate America by February of this year. He just finished the year #1 Worldwide at his company, earned rep of the year, and sold 7.23M ACV!

When money is mapped to our goals and purpose, this is positive money motivation. 

Here are a few examples from my own career:

1. Making enough money so my wife Sandy could be a full time mom and care for our son, who is on the Autism spectrum  

2. Buying our dream house in a neighborhood with great schools

3. Hiring a part-time nanny so Sandy could get a break during the week

4. Building a nest egg big enough to pursue my dream of coaching full time without the financial pressure that most new business owners face

5. Buying a Lake House to use for client retreats and masterminds (our first one is in April!) 

When money motivation is mapped to serving and providing for others, it can be hugely motivating over a sustained period of time. 

When money is mapped to acquiring material goods or showing off to others, this is much less motivating and sales will feel like a constant grind without purpose. 

In today’s video, I share how to use money motivation as a driver to make 2024 your highest earning year ever!


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