Can you get Rich working in Tech Sales?

Is it possible to get rich working in tech sales?

It depends how you define rich, but let’s define it simply as having a net worth between 4M-8M between the ages of 35-44, which represents the top 1% for this age bracket.

The answer is an astounding YES, but there are a few critical things you must do to get there.

I have several friends and colleagues who have worked in sales their entire lives and are each worth over 5 million dollars in their early 40s.

All were self made and didn’t come from money.

While they say money can’t buy happiness, financial freedom can allow you to do many things which do bring joy and fulfillment, such as retiring young to pursue a lifelong dream, spending more time with your loved ones, traveling, checking off items on your bucket list, or simply doing what you want when you want.

Here’s what you should know about building wealth in sales based on what these multi-millionaires all have in common:

1. There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. All of these folks spent 15-20 years in sales working their butts off, and most stayed at a few companies for a very long time to become experts in what they sell.

2. Typically most of them didn’t crack 7 figures until they had been selling around 10-15 years. After that there was often no going back and this became the new income standard. Before that, 200-400k was normal.

3. All worked at tech companies where making big money in sales was possible. Most sold SaaS to large enterprises.

4.  None are flashy “salesy” types. All are down to earth, humble, kind people who put in the work of every day and serve their customers at the highest possible level. They are not spending their commissions to show off to others how successful they are. Instead, they are investing their commissions to build wealth. 

5. All have dedicated their lives to mastering sales and mastering themselves.

Im currently reading Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I was pleased to learn the Robert started out in sales selling Xerox copiers, and was devoted to getting GREAT at sales so he could invest every commission dollar he made into Real Estate and leave the rat race. 

His journey and story mirrors my own, as I also started my career selling copiers and was able to retire from sales at 42 years old to pursue a full time dream of coaching, without the financial pressures which most founders face.

In todays video, I share my two biggest tips for building wealth in sales. Enjoy!


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