Earning the right for discovery

How do you respond when a prospect asks to see your product or service before discovery???

You should never:
  1. give them a demo before validating what they need
  2. provide a detailed overview of your product
  3. tell them you can’t show them yet because you haven’t done discovery

Prospects don’t want to waste your time or theirs. Before they will open up, they need to believe they you can help them first and you must EARN the right for discovery. You must give them a small taste of what you do first to peak their interest.

Here are three strategies to use:
  • Share the key outcomes which your product delivers, with a brief explanation of how. Then ask for permission to learn more about how they do it today so you can better determine if you can help.

Example: “We help Sales VPs drive revenue by providing an intelligent lead platform that helps companies capture, score, and distribute leads. Before we dive in too deep, I’d love to better understand how you manage leads today, what’s working well, and what you think could be improved so we can better determine if and where we can help. Would you be open to sharing?”

  • Provide your point of view on where you think your product can help them based on your research. Then ask them to validate and pivot to discovery.
  • Share how you’ve helped a similar customer in their industry. Then pivot to discovery.

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