Elite Sales Performer Trait #3: They Have a Strong Why

I have a confession to make.

A year ago around this time, I was seriously considering leaving Salesforce.

My paternity leave has just ended, and I returned sitting at 50% of plan.

I had to sell 1M in Q4 to hit my goal, and I was scared.

My fear was that if I missed my quota my last year at Salesforce, I would lose credibility in my coaching business.

Even though I already had 4 great years in a row, I still had imposter syndrome.

By all means, 2020 had been a transformational year.

I had faced my demons and gotten sober.

I had a beautiful baby boy and focused my time and energy with family.

I became a Christian and found deeper meaning and purpose in life.

My side hustle coaching business was booming.

And yet I still felt the need to finish over plan to feel “worthy”.

I was attached to my performance.

An even bigger challenge was that I didn’t have the same motivation which I once had to go crush it.

I had already purchased my dream home.

I had already finished #1 at Salesforce and proven to myself I could perform at the highest level.

I needed to find a new WHY which could get me to an “ALL IN” state where I could give everything I had to finish my final year on top and sell 1M in 12 weeks.

And so I went back to the drawing born, and spent an entire week finding my new why.

What I landed on was this vision statement:

“I will build the muscles of commitment and self-discipline which help me understand and inspire others for my coaching business. I will grow, learn, and have a powerful story to tell from this experience no matter the outcome. I will lean directly into my fears every day by doing what’s uncomfortable. I will sell 1M in 12 weeks and finish over plan my last year at Salesforce.”

You see, it wasn’t about me anymore.

It was about my future coaching clients that I would inspire and serve by facing my fears and doing the thing I didn’t want to do.

If I wanted to lead by example, I had to walk the walk, give it my all, and risk failing.

I had to also live my own message.

If I was going to teach people that “YOU ARE NOT YOUR NUMBER,” I had to be willing to risk missing my number and still feeling worthy because I had tried my best.

Once I landed on this vision, I was free to go ALL IN and put everything else aside to focus on my goal.

Newly inspired, I gave everything I had every hour of each day.

I bought a book called the 12 Week Year and executed my top priorities.

After 12 weeks, I had sold 1.1M and finished over plan, placing me in a position to retire from tech sales and run my coaching business full time.

If every day feels like a grind and you are lacking motivation, it’s time to revisit your why.

In todays video I show you exactly how to do this.

Because when your why is big enough, you will always figure out a way how!


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