Elite Sales Performer Trait #5: They Focus on RGA’s

Elite Sales Performer Trait #5: they focus and spend nearly all their time on RGA’s.

“RGA” stands for Revenue Generating Activities.

There are only two types of RGA’s:

1. Advancing pipeline
2. Creating pipeline

Nearly everything else is noise, and should be delegated or deleted altogether.

Here are some examples of RGAs for each category:

Creating pipeline:

1. Segmenting or tiering your account list into A, B, or C accounts so you know where to focus most

2. Making a list of the key executives to target in your A and B accounts

3. Researching your top account so you can understand their top priorities, goals, and challenges, and develop a tailored point of view showing how your company can specifically help them

4. Researching the execs in those accounts so you can hyper personalize your outreach

5. Direct Prospecting: emails, phone calls, LinkedIn outreach, text, or video outreach

6. Helping train your BDR to send more impactful emails so they convert better

7. Running initial meetings with clients to create or qualify new opportunities

Advancing Pipeline:

1. Following up on all active deals

2. Executing next steps in the sales cycle, such as discovery meetings, demos, presentations, readouts, etc.

3. Developing a mutual close plan and reviewing it with your champion

4. Creating proposals

5. Getting paperwork for deals approved

6. Doing a dry run with your team in advance of a big meeting

7. Legal negotiations for deals

Here’s the key question you need to ask throughout your the day:

Is what I’m doing an RGA???

If not, then stop or do it later so you can focus on what matters most.

Link to download the full list of The Top 10 traits of elite sales performers is below 👇



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