Elite Sales Performer Trait #6: They are persistent

Elite Sales Performers do not take ghosting or rejection personal.

They realize that just because somebody doesn’t get back to you doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

It just means their busy.

My first 7 figure deal occurred my rookie year at Salesforce.

It took 15 emails before the CIO agreed to meet with me.

On average it takes 8 outreach attempts before a client will meet.

Most AE’s stop at 2-3 attempts.

Here are the keys to being persistent without being pushy:

1. Add value with each touch point, rather than just “following up” on your first email.

Adding value means sharing relevant content, customer success stories, and information you feel will be helpful and relevant specifically for them.

Adding value means personalizing every touch point, as opposed to using generic sequences.

2. You must BELIEVE that you are helping your customer in order to effectively persist

Belief is strongest when you’ve already met with your customer or prospect and confirmed they have a problem you can solve, or a desired outcome you can help them achieve.

When you know you are helping them, you have an obligation to continue following up as much as possible to bring a deal across the line.

Remember that this is good for them, not just you.

3. Use multiple channels for outreach. Find the channel in which they prefer to engage and use that.

Don’t just rely on email or phone. Use text, LinkedIn, video, voice memos, and whatever else will get their attention.

In todays video, I break down how to be persistent without being pushy.

You can download the entire list of the Top 10 Traits of Elite Sales Performers below: ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️



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