Elite Salesperson Trait #1: Discipline

Elite Salespeople have many traits, and I believe the #1 most important is self-discipline.

Sales by its nature requires us to do things that are hard, unnatural, and sometimes painful.

These include:

1. Working on long, complex proposals
2. Conducting deep account research
3. Internal planning and strategy calls
4. Prospecting
5. Getting organized.

Of course it’s fun to meet with customers, but the reality is that customer meetings are only a fraction of the job.

Furthermore, many salespeople now work from home and don’t have a manager supervising them, or anybody telling them how to spend their time.

Discipline is more important than ever.

In todays video, I share 3 qualities of highly disciplined salespeople.

These include:

1. Discipline means showing up and giving your all every single day, not just when you’re behind quota for the month, quarter, or year.

2. Discipline means doing the things you don’t feel like doing. This is perhaps more important than anything else because motivation comes and goes, so we must depend on our discipline instead.

3. Discipline means doing the hard things first, rather than waiting until the last minute right before a deadline or critical meeting.

Upgrading ones identity from “procrastinator” to highly disciplined is perhaps the most impactful change a person can make to improve their sales performance.


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