Facing your fears

I have a confession to make….

I was scared to come back to Salesforce after taking my paternity leave.

Why? Because I was afraid that if I didn’t hit my plan I would lose credibility within the sales community and at Salesforce.

For context, It was mid-October and I had been on leave for almost 3 months.

By all means, 2020 had been wildly successful and life changing in many other ways:

1. I had a healthy son.
2. I got sober.
3. I prioritized my marriage and strengthened connection with my amazing wife.
4. My sales coaching business was thriving.
5. I was physically and mentally healthier than ever.

But despite my other successes, I was still sitting under 50% of plan with only 3.5 months left in the year with a gap of over 1M dollars left to sell.

I could have used many excuses as to why I wouldn’t hit my goal, such as:

All new accounts….
Insufficient Pipeline….
Limited time due to a new baby and side business….
3 months out of the office….

But rather than giving into my fears, I decided to face them head on.

If I tried my hardest and gave it my all every day, then I could not fail. Only learn and grow from the experience.

Worse case scenario is that I missed my plan and could still celebrate other wins this year.

Best case scenario is that I achieve my goal and can use this year as a case study to prove that it is possible to work minimal hours and still perform at a high level if you are focused on the right areas and maximize your time.

I’m pleased to share that despite having minimal time, was able to sell 1.2M and finished at 110%.

More importantly, I didn’t sacrifice any of the other things that I was doing when I came back.

This is a testament to the power of focus, resolve, and showing up every single day regardless of whether you feel like it. I could not be more proud right now. This feels much better than the year I finished #1 at Salesforce and made over 7 figures.


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