Finding fulfillment in a sales career

I used to believe that true fulfillment and joy would only come if I crushed my sales number.

The idea was simple: if I made a ton of money I could buy things and do things that would bring happiness. I also would have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and retire young to pursue other passions.

So my goal every year was to blow out my quota and maximize my W2.

In my 18 year career, I achieved everything I set out to do, including finishing #1 at my company, earning 7 figures on multiple occasions, buying my dream home, driving my dream car, marrying my dream wife, and starting a family.

By all means, I should have been very happy.

The problem was, I never found the fulfillment which I was so desperately seeking.

I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and uneasy much of the time.

I was on the edge of burnout.

I was chasing a moving target, and every year the race started over.

It took me nearly losing everything before I finally realized that I was chasing the wrong thing, and searching in all the wrong places.

If you believe that achieving your most ambitious goals will bring you happiness, please watch this week’s episode of “Winning Streaks” with Tanveer Mostafa, where I break down how and where to find true joy and fulfillment in sales and in life.

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