Finding Happiness in Sales

For the bulk of my career, I believed happiness came from crushing it in sales.

If I hit my quota, I was happy.
If I didn’t, I beat myself up and felt miserable.

I also believed a high income would enable me to buy things that made me happy.

News flash….it didn’t.

2016. I bought a Maserati. It was fun to drive, but that was it.

2017: I finished #1 at Salesforce and made 7 figures. I was proud of myself, but still felt an empty inside.

2018: I bought my dream home, but it didn’t deliver what I needed.

2019: After a near-death experience, I made a promise to God that I would start serving others. I started a sales coaching business and began to feel better inside.

2020: I nearly lost my family and made a decision to face my demons and get sober. Had my second son and felt true gratitude and inner-peace for the first time in my life.

2021: Took 6 months off for paternity leave. I’m bonding with my family, continuing to work on myself, and sharing my story so I can help others with similar struggles.

Finally found what I was looking for.
Turns out, it was right in front of me the entire time.

Chasing achievement won’t fulfill you.

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