Fireside Chat with Jeff Riseley – How to Stress Less and Sell More

Is it possible to be a high sales performer without being constantly stressed out? 

How can reps maintain consistent sales performance for the long haul without burning out? 

What are the best tools reps can use to reduce stress on a daily basis? 

These are some of the questions that I dove into on my latest Fireside Chat with Jeff Riseley, author of the new book Stress Less, Sell More: 220 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being, Prevent Burnout, and Hit Your Sales Target 

By any measure, sales is considered a stressful career. 

79% of sellers are “stressed” or “highly stressed” according to the latest State of Mental Health report in Sales. 

This is understandable, given the pressure of hitting quota amidst a tough market, layoffs, and economic uncertainty. 

And once you hit quota, you start at zero all over again next year, usually with an even higher quota. 

In this Fireside Chat, Jeff bravely shares his own story overcoming sales challenges and personal challenges, including fighting cancer. 

Jeff shares valuable tips and strategies that he uses, and everybody can use to stress less, including a morning warm up routine, evening cool down routine, and breathwork techniques to manage the most intense of moments. 

I hope this episode will be helpful for anybody in or outside of sales who is looking to lower their stress levels at work and home.


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