Fireside Chat with Mike Fiascone

This month’s Fireside Chat is with Docusign legend Mike Fiascone! 

Mike has cracked the code on selling exceptionally large enterprise deals. 

He was the former #1 AE at Oracle, #1 AE at Docusign, and VP of Strategic Engagements at Docusign, where he led their Big Deal team globally. 

Here’s what we covered during the Fireside Chat: 

– The biggest shift in mindset which propelled Mike to the top after hitting a rock bottom

– How to leverage your own Executives to get meetings with your customers Executives

– How to mine your extended network to find people who can provide warm intros 

– How to ghost write notes for your leaders to send out 

– How to make Exec meetings impactful and create large, qualified opportunities

– How to engage with Executives as a peer and trusted advisor, rather than as a seller

And so much more!

Mike also discusses his new online course “Cracking the Code on Executive Engagement.” 

The course launched today and is available for a limited time at an Early Adopter rate of $197, reduced from $997! 

This course is for Strategic and Enterprise AE’s looking to go higher and sell bigger deals in their top accounts. 

As an early adopter, you also get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course. 

You can find all the course details and enroll as an early adopter here:


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