Focus on output, not outcomes

Why do many AE’s perform below their potential and feel unfulfilled in sales?

It’s because they are focused on outcomes instead of output.

Here are a few examples of what this looks like:

Will I hit my quota this month/quarter/year?

Is this deal going to close?

How much will I earn this year?

When will I get promoted?

Constantly focusing on outcomes leads to days filled with anxiety, stress, and constant worry.

Worse yet, it can lead to paralysis analysis.

Many AE’s are more disappointed by their efforts than by their actual results.

There’s no worse feeling than the feeling of not trying your best.

Poor outcomes are usually a result of poor effort over a sustained period of time.

The best way to improve your outcomes is simply to improve your daily output.

Here’s what this looks like:

What are my top priorities for today

What steps can I take to move this deal forward today?

What are the difficult conversations that I need to have today that I’ve been avoiding?

Focus on what you can do today to move the needle in your business. Then do it.

Rinse and repeat tomorrow.

Results will follow.

When you’re ALL IN every day, you can’t lose.


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