Focus on the Process, not the Outcomes

Best advice I could give to anybody in sales:

Focus on the process, not the outcomes.

Outcomes: closing deals, making a certain income, achieving Presidents Club, etc.

Process: executing next steps in active deals, showing up every day (regardless of how you feel), planning your day, executing your plan, and prioritizing RGA’s (Revenue Generating Activities) over busy work.

In the words of the great Bill Walsh:

“Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, focus on the process not the prize.”

Walsh inherited a 2 win, 14 loss 49ers team, then proceeded to win 3 Super Bowls in his first 10 years by taking this approach.

It’s easy to get obsessed, anxious, or stressed over the end results, but this focus often stops us from doing the very things they lead to the results we desire.

It also leads to desperation, commission breath, and negative energy which will repel your customers, prospects, friends, and family.

On the other hand, focusing on the process every day builds our confidence, creates momentum, and often results in wins coming out of nowhere that we never could have seen coming.

It also reduces the anxiety and stress which comes from feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

When we know that we are doing everything in our power to achieve the results we desire, we can sleep better at night because there’s nothing more we can do.

The key to sales (and life) is to focus on what you can control, and the let go of everything else.

As we say in recovery, Let Go and Let God.


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