Hard now = Easy later

Hard now = easy later.
Easy now = hard later.

That’s my mantra for 2021.

Doing the hard things now makes life easier in the future. Period.

Last night I started sleep training my son.

While it was tough to hear him cry, he put himself to sleep after just a few cycles.

A hard WEEK of sleep training leads to YEARS of better sleep for our family.

This same principle applies in all areas of life:

Hard conversations today will bring better long term relationships .👫

Hard exercise today means better health. 🏋🏻‍♀️

Hard prospecting today means more pipeline!

Saving money today means financial freedom tomorrow. 💰

Do the thing that you’ve been avoiding today.

Do the same thing tomorrow.

Make doing the tough things a habit EVERY DAY and the sky’s the limit in 2021 and beyond!!

What are you committed to doing that’s hard now which will make your life easier tomorrow?


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