Help others get what they want, and you will get what you want

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”
-Jim Rohn

On December 28th, 2018, I got stuck upside down on a roller coaster for 30 minutes hanging 180 feet in the air.

We were riding a “flying coaster” called Tatsu, where the track was directly above us placing my entire weight onto a single lap belt.

I stared at the asphalt below me, and thought the harness would give out and plunge me to imminent death.

It felt like an eternity hanging upside down, and my mind was racing.

One thought that came through crystal clear: if I died right now, I would be full of regrets.

Regret for using the gifts God had given me to serve myself only.
Regret for not sharing my gifts with others.
Regret for putting myself ahead of my family.
Regret for working too much.
Regret for not pursuing my dreams.

I knew my work on this planet had not been done, and I was not ready to go out like this.

And so I began to pray.

I prayed for the roller coaster to start working, but nothing happened.

I prayed for somebody to help, but nobody came.

Then I shifted my prayers to promises.

I promised God I would start using my gifts to serve others. Still nothing happened.

And so I promised God to stop waiting and to start right NOW.

In that moment, the roller coaster started moving and we were on our way to safety.

While I had no specific plan at the time, I knew that I intended to keep my promise and that my life was no longer just about me.

I would start helping others immediately.


Almost three years later, this has promise has manifested in many powerful ways.

1. I started a coaching business (which I now run full time) dedicated to helping sales professionals untap their full potential

2. I got sober so I could be the husband and father my family deserves and break the generational curse of addiction in our family

3. I sponsor and help addicts struggling with the same vices I faced

4. I have appeared on dozens of podcasts and produced hundreds of videos dedicated to helping others thrive in sales and in life.

5. I continue to share my story, so others know they are not alone.

All of this came from one single decision: to commit to helping and serving others right now.

If you want to improve your sales, relationships, and overall happiness, make the decision to do more for others.

It’s not about YOU…it’s about what you can do for others.

One thing is certain: if I died today, I will no longer have the same regrets because I kept my promise on that day.

If you are interested in hearing the entire story, please check out the podcast link in the comments below.

Here’s a brief clip from my recent podcast interview with Tyler Meckes, where I share how how service is the antidote to addiction.


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