Helping your champion sell internally

Why is it that so many large Enterprise deals never go anywhere, even though the benefits and payoffs may seem obvious?

It’s because there is ALWAYS more than just one buyer, and your champion or Exec Sponsor must sell this internally before they can sign.

It could be their CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, or Executive committee.

No matter the audience, if they can’t tell a strong story or make the case internally you don’t stand a chance.

So rather than spending time selling to your champion, focus on helping them sell internally and sit on the same side of the table.

It’s not you vs. them.

It’s you AND them vs. whomever they have to sell to.

If they are a true champion, they already want your solution. Stop selling to them and start focusing on empowering them to tell a good story.

Here are some tips on how you can help them:

1. Understand who they need to sell to internally and what possible objections or concerns they may encounter upfront so you can help them prepare accordingly.

2. Put the deck on their template and insert your content. This way it’s their story and not yours.

3. Use the following story format:

a. What’s the problem today?

b. What’s the impact of that problem?

c. Why do they need to solve that problem NOW?

d. What’s the proposed solution to fix that problem (insert your value prop)?

e. How long will it take and what will it cost?

f. What resources are needed from their side to ensure success?

g. What’s the ROI?

h. What other customers have seen success?

i. Next steps

Get great at helping your champions to sell, and you will be great at closing large 7 or 8 figure deals.


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