How can Lifestyle Design help you thrive in sales?

What is lifestyle design, and how does it help you thrive in sales? 

The term “lifestyle design” is often confused with “laptop lifestyle,” or sitting on a beach somewhere working 5-10 hours per week as a solopreneur. 

This is not the correct meaning of the term, and is not relevant for many people working in sales. 

Or people with families who don’t want to move to Bali! 

Here’s the best definition of Lifestyle Design which has served me very well: 

Lifestyle Design = Knowing what you want your life to look like in the future, creating the right plan to achieve that vision, and ensuring your daily actions are aligned with that plan. 

When you have a clear, inspiring vision for the future and connect it to the actions you are taking today, motivation and drive naturally follows. 

Many people aren’t motivated or hungry because they can’t connect the actions they are taking today to what they want in the future, mainly because they haven’t thought deeply and clearly about what they want most. 

Before I bought my dream house, I created a vision of the home that I wanted to provide for my family. 

Before we built out dream backyard, I had a clear vision for the experiences that I wanted our kids to have growing up. 

And it has all manifested exactly how I envisioned it. 

None of this was accidental – it was designed before I ever started. 

When your why is big enough, you will always be driven, resourceful, and resilient enough to find a way HOW. 

In today’s video I share how Lifestyle Design has served me in sales. 


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