How do you know if you’re working with a change agent?

How do you know if you’re working with a change agent at a company who has the power and influence to get a deal done?

Last week I posted a video on how to gain consensus from multiple stakeholders when selling large, complex deals.

This video was widely circulated and received great feedback, so I decided to post a second video to expand further.

By far the fastest, most effective way to gain consensus is by working closely with a “change agent” at the company who can sell to these stakeholders on your behalf.

I’m finishing up a great book called “The Challenger Customer” which dives into this concept in great detail. In the book, these change agents are referred to as “Mobilizers.”

In todays video, I review how to identify whether you’re working with a change agent, and how to find one if you’re not.

Here are 7 key qualities of a change agent:

  1. They know exactly who the other stakeholders are that you need to meet with.

2. They are able to get you directly in front of these stakeholders.

3. They have insights as to what the other stakeholders care about and coach you beforehand so you are set up for success

4. They are familiar with how to buy within their company and know the process well.

5. They are personally invested in getting the deal done and have shared why

6. They will go to bat on your behalf and even risk their losing their job if it doesn’t go well because they know the risk is worth the reward and they HAVE to change

7. They are in frequent communication with you throughout the process and especially after all critical meetings.

Change agents won’t ghost you because they are eager to keep the next steps moving along, as this is near the top of their priority list


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