How Masterminds changed my life

For the past 7 years, I’ve been attending Mastermind events.

They changed my life forever.

Here are the Masterminds I’ve been part of, and how they have helped.

2017-2018: Abundant

The main focus of Abundant is to help sales reps and business owners gain clarity on what they want most, create a compelling vision for their life, and dream much bigger.

They assigned me a dedicated Life Coach, held 4 live in-person events per year, and a weekly group call.

The group helped me believe in myself and take the right actions from shifting from an inward focused to an outward focused seller.

In the two years I was part of Abundant, I finished #1 and #4 in the Enterprise Select Division of Salesforce globally.

2019-2020: Brand Builders Group

After a near-death experience in 2018, I shifted my life’s focus from selling to serving. Brand Builders helps Mission-driven messengers create and monetize their personal brands.

Through weekly group calls, monthly 1:1 calls, and four live events, they helped me take all the ideas in my head, structure them, and turn them into a viable business plan.

They also helped me find resources to implement the proper infrastructure for my coaching business (website, branding, logos, copywriting, landing pages, lead magnets, course structure, Kajabi dev, etc.).

Brand Builders saved me years trying to figure out how to start and scale an online business on my own.

2022-2023: Quantum Mastermind

This was run by Sam Ovens, who recently shut down Quantum to focus on running Skool (which you may have seen Alex Hormozi promoting).

Quantum was centered around helping online businesses scale. They helped me gain clarity on who I want to serve most (B2B tech sellers) and eliminating everything else.

I shut down my B2B advisory services business and live training business, both of which pulled me away from Untap Your Sales Potential.

During our time working together I scaled by business from 500K/year to 1.5M/year.


IgKnight the King

This is a men’s group focused on becoming the best version of yourself, and I attend one live event with them per year. The group has helped me manage my temper, improve communication with my wife, and connect to a greater spiritual mission centered around my faith.

Masterminds have been so instrumental to my own success, that I decided to start one of my own!

We had two retreats in 2023, and our next one is coming up April 20th-21st in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

Here’s a video on what you can expect:

If you are interested in attending, book a call here to learn more:

We will be closing enrollment on February 29th.

“Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Desire.” – Napoleon Hill


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