How to access Decision Makers when you are getting blocked in a deal

How do you get access to key decision makers when you are getting blocked in a deal?

A major reason why deals don’t close is because we aren’t engaging directly with decision makers.

According to Gong Research, not engaging with decision maker decreases a deals win rate by 80% in SMB, and 233% in Enterprise.

So why does this happen?

One reason I hear consistently is that their primary contact or Champion is blocking access to the decision makers and wants to control the evaluation or purchase process.

In todays video, I break down how to get access to decision makers when you are getting blocked.

Here are the key steps:

1. Understand who the key decision makers are and the decision making process early in the sales process. I usually ask this at the end of the first discovery call when I know there’s a fit

2. Request that your Champion invite the decision makers to the demo and proposal review, and clearly explain why they need to be there.

I usually say “it’s important they attend so that I can validate that this aligns to their key priorities and get their direct input and feedback, since they’re the ones who will ultimately need to sign off on this.”

3. If your champion pushes back, ask why. Be direct and address any concerns that your champion has around you meeting with the decision makers.

Usually it’s because their boss has tasked them with evaluating solutions, or because they want to know in advance what you will be showing.

4. If they want to see the proposal or solution first, show it with the intention of giving them a “first look” and getting their feedback. Then ask to co-present together. Usually this does the trick.

5. If they still want to try to sell it internally, give them a shot. My philosophy on selling through Champions is “innocent until proven guilty.”

6. if they can’t get it done on their own and they still won’t bring you in to meet with the decision maker, then it’s likely you not dealing with a Champion.

At this point I usually will go directly to the decision maker and request a meeting, clearly explaining why it’s in their best interest to engage with us.

Never make your Champion feel like they don’t matter because they can’t say yes.

Work closely with them, make them part of the process, and empower them to be successful and they will be way more likely to put you in front of the key stakeholders and decision makers.


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