How to Build an Effective Prospecting Sequence

There are two main reasons why most prospecting sequences fail: 

  1. The content is crap
  2. The sequences are single channel (e-mail only) 

I’ve been coaching AE’s for 4+ years to help them create highly personalized, multi-channel sequences that convert into qualified meetings. 

One of my clients used the sequence we created to book 10 meetings with Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies. 

Another AE gave the sequence to his BDR, who became the #1 BDR in their company. 

It’s not a coincidence – most AE’s are either not using sequences at all, or if they’re using generic sequences created by their marketing department. 

Others hide behind email, fearful and anxious to pick up the phone. 

And even fewer create tailored videos. 

The final nail on the coffin is that the majority of AE’s stop prospecting after 3 touches, when it takes an average of 8 touches to book a meeting with a prospect. 

To address these challenges, I created a sequence framework that combines e-mail, video, and phone to ensure you reach the right prospect at the right time with the right message. 

The sequence includes 6 e-mails, 3 phone calls, and 1 video spread out over 20 days. 

Each message is unique and is designed to educate and nurture your prospect, rather than annoy them by “following up” or “bumping up” your last message without adding any value. 

Until now, I’ve only made this content available to my coaching clients and Pavilion Enterprise Sales School students. 

Today, I’m pleased to share this sequence with everybody on LinkedIn. 

It’s highly detailed, specific, and proven to work after testing this with hundreds of AE’s who I coach. 


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