How to build confidence

At 42 years old, I decided to run a half marathon.

I set this goal to inspire others to go after what they want and show that it’s never too late to start.

Last Sunday I ran my first half marathon in 2:07:56, an average pace of 9:45/mile.

My original goal was 2:15, which I never thought I could hit after getting sidelined for a month during training with 3 injuries.

So I simply aimed to finish. But as I was running, a funny thing happened.

I started going faster. And faster. And faster.

I got into a flow, and by the last mile I was sprinting my hardest and passing everybody ahead of me.

I was running on pure adrenaline, and committed to finishing strong.

When I crossed the finish line and checked my time, I was thrilled!

My next goal is to run a full marathon, which will require a whole new level of training.

Regardless of whatever setbacks and obstacles come my way, I will achieve this goal in 2022.

How can I say this?

Because I’m confident in myself.

How did I get this confident?

Because I know I keep my promises to myself.

Confidence comes from keeping your word to yourself by doing the things you say you’re going to do, regardless of how you feel in the moment.

When you set small goals and achieve them, it gives you confidence to aim for bigger goals.

When you fall in love with the process of giving your ALL every day to become the best version of yourself, the outcomes are inevitable.

Focus on the process, instead of chasing outcomes.

In todays video, I break down how to build your confidence through goal setting.

While I believe exercising is a great place to apply this, I’ve also taken the same approach in my sales career, building my business, and with commitments to my family.

Set goals. Execute daily. Rinse and repeat.

What you focus on magnifies.


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