How to build stronger customer connections to close bigger deals

Without a strong connection to your prospect or customer, it’s very difficult to close large deals in Enterprise accounts.

Here’s how you know if your connection is weak:

1. Your customer has gone silent and is not picking up your calls or returning your texts.

2. You don’t fully understand their buying cycle or next steps they have to sell your deal internally

3. The customer is not honest with you on why a deal is stalled or what major objections they have or are encountering internally

CONNECTION is what leads to open collaboration and transparency between you and your customers.

To build a strong connection, your customer must first believe YOU CARE about their success and aren’t just trying to slam a deal.

Their interests must be YOUR INTERESTS, and their success just be YOUR SUCCESS.

Once they FEEL and BELIEVE that you have their backs and have worked your tail off to do the right thing for them, then they will open up and give you the truth of what needs to happen to move forward on both sides.

If you want to close more deals, work on building stronger connections first.


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