How to create a compelling Business Case

Most large Enterprises will not purchase software or services without a strong Business Case.

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on the 30 Minutes to President’s Club Podcast with Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh, where we dove deep into how to put together a compelling Business Case using my “Yo-yo” selling framework.

Here’s the formula I use for the Business Case:

Executive Summary of Key Goals (Top 3 Desired Outcomes)

Increase average sales price
Improve employee retention
Increase # of deals sold per user

The “How” (What your product can deliver for them to enable those results)

Empower users with:
Mobile App
Marketing Campaigns
Voice notes

The Benchmarks and ROI

Show the average % benchmark improvements from other customers
Apply their specific numbers to demonstrate impact of your solution
Use conservative figures and co-create business case with them

Hope you enjoy the episode!


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