How to deliver a perfect demo

Want to deliver a perfect software demo that converts into closed won deals way more often? 

I’m excited to share my new 4 step framework “How to Deliver a Perfect Demo.” 

Many AE’s think they deliver a great demo, then the customer goes dark and they wonder what happened. 

Here’s why the customer goes dark…

Because the demo was delivered prematurely before the deal was properly qualified. 

And therefore wasn’t tailored to their specific needs, pain points, and use cases. 

Generic demos delivered too soon position your solution as a “nice to have,” rather than a “must have.” 

And “nice to have” solutions don’t cut it when budgets are closely scrutinized, as we are seeing in today’s environment. 

Unless you are solving a compelling problem with material impact to a customer’s business, your demo will miss the mark and get passed up for more pressing needs. 

If you want to deliver a compelling demo that lands every time, you must run proper discovery BEFORE giving away a demo. 

Your time and resources are way too valuable to give way to unqualified prospects who are simply looking to “see what’s out there.” 

Running proper, thorough discovery will ensure that you understand their current state (status quo), identify what’s not working, and show exactly how you can address these challenges with your solution. 

This will also enable you to tee up the demo properly, by recapping everything you uncovered during discovery BEFORE jumping into the demo and building up emotional anticipation. 

This is known as a “custom demo,” uniquely tailored to each company. 

If you want to turn more demos into closed won deals, I’ve created a 4 step framework to help you deliver a perfect customized demo which hit the mark every time. 

You can find the full training video here:


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