How to elevate to “Trusted Advisor” status

When selling to the Enterprise, it’s essential to elevate from vendor to trusted advisor.

Why is this so important?

There are several reasons:

  1. Trusted advisors have unfettered access to Senior Executives

2. Trusted advisors are given permission to engage in deep discovery to understand the inner workings of the company

3. Trusted advisors are viewed as problem solvers who can help find solutions to their biggest challenges

So how exactly do you become a trusted advisor as quickly as possible?


You must become an expert on the problem you solve.

Knowing why it’s a problem and the impact of that problem on a company is just as important as knowing “how” you solve it.

When you are able to educate a client on a problem they didn’t know they had, they will lean in to listen.

Getting somebody to agree that they need to change in the first place is the biggest sale you can make.

It will naturally lead to your product or service.

And elevate you to trusted advisor quickly.

Here are a few questions to help you get started.

1. What is the problem you solve?
2. Why is it a problem?
3. What are the costs of that problem?
4. What desired outcomes will your clients obtain if they can solve that problem?

In today’s video I break down how to identify the main problems your product solves, using two real examples from my coaching clients.


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