How to find and land your DREAM SALES JOB

Tech sales right now is a blood bath. 

In January alone, US based tech companies announced 66,000 layoffs, many of which impacted salespeople. 

The scariest part was that many of the sales professionals impacted were high performers who overachieved last year. 

It feels like there’s no rhyme or reason for the selection, leaving sales reps scared and bitter. 

Even those who survived are questioning whether they want to stay at a company whose culture now feels vastly different than when they joined. 

To help anybody who is impacted by the layoffs, or those who are thinking of exploring their next opportunity, I put together a training video on how to find and land your dream sales job. 

In this video, I outline the 6 steps you can take to find your ideal company, land an interview, and stand out from the crowds. 

My heart goes out to those who were impacted, and I hope this video will help you land in a better spot than wherever you left!


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