How to find and work with a Mentor

What’s the fastest path to success when you take on a new role, start at a new company, or pursue your side hustle?



When looking for a mentor, here are some key things to consider:

1. Look for a person who has done this before at the highest level and performs consistently.

In sales, find a top performer on your team, division, or company who has been there for several years.

2. Find someone who shares your values. Are they helpful? Humble? Hard working? Kind? Do they seem happy?

If they get results but always appear stressed or miserable, they won’t make a great mentor.

3. Most importantly, have they walked the same road which you are on and been in your shoes? This is crucial for getting advice when facing challenges or obstacles that will inevitably come up.

Once you’ve identified a mentor, it’s time to reach out.

Be sure to let them know why you feel they would make a great mentor and be direct regarding your needs.

Mentorship could be as simple as a freestanding call once/month, or it could be more frequent. The key is to keep an ongoing dialogue.

If they don’t respond, persist and follow up.

If they are willing and able to help, congratulations, you’ve got yourself a mentor!!!

If you can’t find a mentor at your company, consider hiring a coach or joining a group program or mastermind.

If you’re not getting the results you want, stop trying to do it all on your own and seek help!

In today’s video, I break down how mentorship has helped with both my sales and side hustle.


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