How to get motivated in sales

There are some several critical success factors in sales, and in my humble opinion DRIVE is perhaps the most important one.

DRIVE is what enables us to figure out ways to win after constant rejection, roadblocks and obstacles throughout the sales cycle.

DRIVE is what enables us to show up every day and give it our all.

DRIVE is what empowers us to do the things we don’t feel like doing that we know we need to do.

Unfortunately, we live our lives in seasons, and there are certain seasons where our DRIVE simply may not be as strong as it once was.

For many in the early stages of their career, DRIVE comes from money, recognition, and a desire to prove oneself.

For more tenured reps who have consistently performed at a high level, it may be harder to find the inner DRIVE that we once had.

Without strong DRIVE, it’s easy to settle into your “comfort zone,” where you avoid doing what’s difficult and made you successful in the first place.

I recently struggled with this challenge after coming back from 12 weeks paternity leave. To regain my own drive, I had to speak to with several mentors and friends and reflect upon what matters most to me RIGHT NOW in this season.

Today I share the process I went through to get inspired to perform my best and show up every single day!


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