How to partner with purchasing

Have you ever missed your number because your deal with was stalled in purchasing???

If so, pay close attention to today’s videos to ensure this never happens again.

Many sales reps view purchasing departments as obstacles to getting deals done, and will try to go around purchasing to close deals.

This is the worst thing you can do, as large companies often require ALL deals to go through purchasing before a contract can get signed.

To accelerate deals, you must build a partnership with purchasing.

Here are some pointers to help you do this:

1. Get consensus from the business first. Make sure the business wants your product and has budget before engaging with purchasing further

2. Give purchasing a heads up well in advance before a deal hits their desk. I usually have a check-in at the beginning of the month with the VP of Purchasing to let them know what’s coming

3. If you are already negotiating with the business, keep purchasing in the loop. This way they will know if concessions have already been given for context

4. For any new products or new logos, make sure you get any legal terms approved well in advance

5. Always leave room to negotiate, as purchasing will likely want their piece of the pie


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