How to separate your self worth from your sales performance

How do you separate your self worth from your sales performance?

3 in 5 sales professionals rate their mental health as “fair” or “poor,” and a major reason is due to constant stress and pressure to perform.

We beat ourselves up when things aren’t going well, don’t celebrate enough when things are great, and struggle regularly with imposter syndrome.

When we are operating in a state of stress, we cannot perform our best.

Next Tuesday I will be speaking on this important topic at the Sales Success Summit in Austin, and will share my story.

The livestream is free and will feature the top 1% of AE’s sharing their secrets to success.

I have included a registration link below, and for every registration I will donate $5.00 to UNCrushed, which helps bring awareness and resources to those who struggle with mental health in sales.

I chose this topic is to help Sales professionals realize they are not alone, and give them tools and strategies to feel great every day regardless of performance.

These tools enabled me get to #1 at Salesforce, get sober after a lifetime of addiction, and start a successful coaching business which I now run full time.

For those of you who can’t make it, I wanted to share 3 of these of these strategies in the video below.

Strategy #1: Focus on the daily output instead of the long term outcomes.

Strategy #2: Set goals outside of work which you can be proud of.

These goals should be intrinsic in nature and center around connection, personal growth, and service.

For me goals around my health, family, and side hustle have made a huge difference.

This way regardless of what’s happening at work you can feel GREAT about the strides you are making in other areas

Strategy #3: Remember who you are. All of us fall into a slump sometimes, and it’s critical to remind ourselves what we’re made of and what got us here in the first place!


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