How to Stay Focused All Day, Every Day

Two years ago, I flushed my Adderall down the toilet. 

I am diagnosed with ADHD, I had been taking Adderall for many years to help me focus. 

I stopped taking it because I had gotten into addiction recovery earlier that year, and accepted that I was still addicted to Adderall and was using it to get through the workday. 

I also didn’t like how it made me feel, as I felt like a productive “robot” with low emotional connection or empathy to others.

A few weeks ago I posted my story of quitting Adderall, and received an overwhelming amount of requests asking how I was able to maintain focus after quitting. 

So I decided to make a video detailing my journey. 

Here are the steps I took to learn to focus all day, every day and get my work done without needing any medication. 

1. I started reading books on habits, productivity, and time management. 

My three favorites are:

– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

– Atomic Habits 

– The Power of Habit 

2. I started planning my day first thing every morning. I wrote down and prioritized each of my critical tasks to accomplish that day, and  I used “task blocking” to ensure that there was no whitespace in my calendar that day 

3. I adopted a program called “The 12 Week Year” and started using the Weekly Plan and Scorecard to plan out my week at the beginning of each week. 

4. I got off all the distractions and sources of quick “dopamine hits” which I would go to throughout the day. This included deleting Instagram, Facebook, and the News app from my phone. 

5. When I was completing critical tasks, I closed out all other windows and turned my phone on silent so I could maintain focus 

These strategies helped me sell 1M within a 12 week period at Salesforce, and I’ve also deployed them to help grow my coaching business to over 7 figures since renting in 2021. 

If you are curious to learn more, watch this video in its full length. 

PS – I’m not a doctor advocating that you stop taking any ADHD medication. I’m merely sharing my story and what worked for me. Do what works for you and seek medical advice as needed if you struggle with ADHD.


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