As somebody who struggles with ADHD, I’ve always had trouble staying focused throughout the day.

This struggle compounded this year when I decided to quit taking Adderall, which had served as a “crutch” to increase productivity and get through tasks I didn’t enjoy doing.

To continue performing at a high level, I had to find new, effective ways to stay focused and avoid the constant distractions associated with working from home and having a new baby.

While there are many methods I’ve used, by far the most effective has been daily planning.

Taking time to SET YOUR INTENTIONS at the beginning of each day leads to FOCUSED ACTION and CONSISTENT RESULTS

Here’s how to do it:

1. At the beginning of each day, write down the most important things you need to accomplish.

2. In sales, the list should be centered around moving your existing pipeline forward. If you don’t have enough pipe, prospecting activities should dominate.

3. Prioritize the list based on size of the deals. Activities for larger deals come first.

4. Plug the activities into your calendar where any whitespace exists

5. Execute what’s in your calendar. Repeat daily.

On days where I’ve created a plan and plugged it into my calendar, I’ve achieved solid results, although it’s never perfect.

On days where I’ve left the white space empty and didn’t plan out my day, I’ve let the day overtook me.

Like anything, consistency is king.

Try this out for a month and let me know how it goes!

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