How to work LESS hours and make MORE $$$ in sales

Today I demystify what “hard work” really means in sales:

Myth #1: It takes working 80 hour weeks to make 7 figures in sales
Truth #1: What you DO when you are working matters more than how many hours you work

Myth #2: “Hard work” is defined by “hours worked”
Truth #2: Hard Work is defined by “outcomes,” not “hours”

Myth #3: Busy = Productive
Truth #3: Producing = Productive

Myth #4: Salespeople can’t relax if they aren’t selling
Truth #4: Salespeople won’t sell if they aren’t relaxed

Myth #5: You must finish everything on your to do list
Truth #5: The most important items you should focus on are missing from your To Do lists.


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