Is it possible to make over 7 figures in sales?

Is it possible to make over 7 figures in sales?

The simple answer is YES, but there are several factors to doing so which extend far beyond hard work, perseverance, resilience, focus, and execution, all of which are table stakes.

1. You need to be driving the right vehicle – i.e. working for a company in which the top performers are making 7 figures

2. You need to have an OTE (on target earnings) which allows you to make 1M if you are between 300%-400%. Know your comp plan, run the numbers, and see what you will make if you get to 300%

3. Maximize your commissions by selling deals when there are SPIFFS

4. Focus on selling to Enterprise accounts, where 7 figure deals are most common. Target Senior Executives, understand their top priorities and challenges, and align your solutions to drive their success.

5. In the case of accounts, less is more. Focus on going high, wide, and deep in fewer accounts so you aren’t spread too thin.

6. Get to plan with singles and doubles, then blow it out with a few big hits. A healthy mix of deals is key – never have all your eggs in one basket.

Lastly, be patient. I hit this milestone after 15 years in sales and lots of failure and heartache along the way.


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