It’s not just your fault you’re missing your number

Let’s face it – it’s tough to be a sales professional right now. 

Customer budgets are tighter than ever. 

Pressure to perform is greater than ever. 

And many of us are working extremely hard without seeing the results. 

And here’s the crazy thing: it’s not just your fault that you are missing your number! 

After coaching hundreds of sales professionals over the past 4 years, there’s one thing that I find in common with everybody who signs up for my program.

They AREN’T getting the support they need from their company or manager. 

On the company side, the onboarding, training, and enablement is mostly focused on processes and products, rather than on selling skills. 

On the Sales Leadership side, most frontline managers don’t coach and develop their teams. They are extremely busy and spend most of their time in meetings or working on their biggest deals. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing anytime soon. 

It’s not that companies and managers don’t care. 

There’s just this underlying belief that the best sales reps will find a way to “figure it out,” so reps are thrown in the ocean to see if they will sink or swim. 

The challenge is that selling software is not something you just “figure out.” It’s extremely difficult and requires very specific skills, which is why it pays so much. 

You need to know how to secure Executive meetings, align your product to their strategic goals and priorities, project manage complex deals, quarterback internal teams, multi-thread, and play the long game with customers while still hitting your numbers in the short term. 

Unfortunately, this is NOT something that companies or leaders teach you. 

That’s where my coaching program can help. 

My sales coaching programs teach you all the skills you need to crush it selling SaaS without sacrificing your well-being, health, or relationships in the process. 

In today’s video, I share why many people are failing in sales because they aren’t properly trained or enabled and what YOU can do about it! 

Enrollment for my coaching program opens again in January, and the only way to get access is to join the waitlist below.

If you KNOW you need help and refuse to take action, then you have nobody else to blame except yourself.


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