Law of Attraction: How to Attract Success in Sales

I heard a powerful quote today which is worth diving into: 

“Success is not something you pursue. It’s something you attract by becoming an attractive person” -Jim Rohn 

I couldn’t agree more! 

Ever since I started my journey of personal development over 6 years ago, I have attracted more success than I ever dreamed possible. 

I directly attribute this to working on myself and becoming a person that people want to work with. 

In an age where most products and services are commoditized, YOU become the differentiator. 

People choose to work with those they like and trust, and if you are not an attractive person your chances of attracting success diminish greatly. 

In simple terms, when you commit to becoming a better person you will become a MUCH better salesperson. 

So what exactly are the qualities of an attractive person? 

I’ve narrowed it down to 5 qualities which have made a massive difference in my own life: 

1. Hard Worker: this means working hard to serve your clients and help them achieve their desired outcomes (not just working long hours). It also means doing the things you don’t feel like doing, each and every day. Finally, it means working hard on the RIGHT things. 

2. Humble: committing to a growth mindset and never thinking you’ve arrived or you know it all. Arrogance repels, humility attracts. 

3. Kindness: be nice to other people regardless of whether you agree with them or not. If you feel wronged or slighted, it probably has more to do with the other person than anything you’ve done. 

4. Caring: in sales, this means getting to know your clients, being very curious about their current situation, challenges, and where they struggle, and giving a damn! Don’t try to sell unless you know you help first. 

5. Energetic: energy is contagious. Passion is infectious. Belief creates believers. When you show up with passion, energy, and belief, clients WANT to do business with you. 

In today’s video, I break down each of these qualities in detail and share how you can develop them to greatly enhance your chances of success.


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