My RAD goals for 2024

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends. 

The holiday season is also a great time to reflect upon what you want most for 2024. 

Have you set your 2024 goals yet? 

If not, try using my “RAD” goal framework. 

For anybody unfamiliar with RAD goals, here’s what it stands for:

Reason: This is your “why” behind the goal. If your reason isn’t deeply compelling and personal, it’s likely that you won’t put in the consistent effort needed to reach it. 

Ambitious: The goal should really stretch you and force you to work outside of your comfort zone. Otherwise you’re not aiming high enough.   

Drastic Action: Ambitious goals require drastic action. Because if you do what you’ve always done in the past, you won’t hit it. 

The purpose of setting RAD goals is not simply achieving the goals. 

It’s about CHANGING YOURSELF in order to hit them.

It’s about who you need to BECOME and who you need TO BE everyday to achieve the level of success that you desire. 

This is where true growth and personal transformation occurs. 

As my good friend Alex Kremer says: 

“The purpose of a goal is not that you achieve it. It’s who you need to become in order to get there.”

Here are my three RAD goals for 2024: 

Business Goal: Achieve 3M in annual revenue at Untap Your Sales Potential

Spiritual Goal: Complete a 365 day challenge consisting of daily meditation and sending one gratitude note

Health Goal: Get in the best shape of my life. By end of year, do 20 pull ups (in a row), 20 explosive push-ups, and a 4 minutes plank [20-20-4]  

In today’s video, I break down each of these goals in detail and share the reason behind it and drastic action that will be required to reach each goal. 

Hope this serves as inspiration for you to dream bigger and take massive action in 2024 to become the best version of yourself!


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