My System to stay productive every day

I’m excited to share my system for staying productive all day, every day. 

This system allowed me to sell over 100M in my B2B sales career, then build a 7 figure coaching business working an average of 40 hours/week. 

Most importantly, my nights and weekends are free to spend with my family. 

Here’s are the 3 simple steps I take every single week: 

Step 1: Complete a Weekly Plan & Scorecard at the beginning of each week

On Monday mornings (or Sunday evening), I print and fill out a Weekly Plan & Scorecard. 

On this document, I write down all the important tasks and action items I aspire to get done that week in no particular order. 

I then rank each task in order of priority, typically prioritizing RGA’s (Revenue Generating Activities)  for my business. 

I originally took this scorecard from a book called the 12 week year, then adapted it to include a “Rank” column, which allows me to prioritize each action item. 

Prioritizing the Action Items allows me to know where to start every day, and prevents me from getting overwhelmed. 

If you want to download the adapted Weekly Scorecard I use, you can find it here: 

Step 2: Daily Task Blocking in Calendar Whitespace 

At the beginning of each weekday, I fill up all the whitespace on my calendar for that day with high priority tasks taken directly from the Weekly Plan & Scorecard in Step 1. 

This ensures that the most important tasks for the week get done first and eliminates daily decision fatigue. 

The key is to put the specific tasks on your calendar so there’s no empty space. 

If for some reason any tasks on the calendar don’t get completed for that day, I move them to the next day in any open whitespace. 

Step 3: Weekly Scoring 

At the end of each week, I score my performance using the simple formula: 

Tasks Completed / Tasks Written Down = Score %

My goal is to score 85% or higher each week, although admittedly there are many weeks where I fall short. 

If there are any tasks that didn’t get completed that week, they get moved to the following week. 

I rinse and repeat this process every single week. 

This ensures that I SHOW UP every single day, and stay productive throughout the entire work week. 

Additional keys to success include the following: 

1. Taking short breaks when you feel mentally drained. Stretching, a short walk, and standing desk do wonders to change your state. 

2. Minimize the number of daily meetings on your calendar (4 or less is optimal) to stay focused and ensure you have enough whitespace to get deep work done. 

3. Give yourself an hour lunch to break up the work day. Every day I have lunch with my wife, and that’s also on the calendar.

4. Do one thing at a time

5. If you have an unproductive day, forgive yourself. 

Every day is a fresh opportunity to get it right! 

In today’s training video, I share real examples of how I use the Weekly Scorecard and Task Blocking to ensure I stay productive every day. 

Hope this system will help you as much as it has helped me.


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