Perfecting your Sales Pitch

When somebody asks you “what do you do for a living,” how do you normally respond?

If you are like many AE’s, you will likely describe what it is that you sell, such as saying “I sell CRM software to Large Enterprises.”

But that answer really doesn’t tell anybody what you do, especially if they don’t know what CRM software is.

What’s important to note is that PEOPLE BUY GRASS, NOT SEEDS, so you must describe the outcomes (grass) your product delivers rather than what it is that you sell (seeds).

Today I share a template that I’ve used for years to quickly describe what I do in simple terms and generate immediate interest from potential clients.

The formula is as follows:

We help X (insert type of company, role, or vertical you help) do Y (insert whatever your product or service delivers to clients) so they can Z (insert desired business outcomes).

If you want to master your elevator pitch, practice with the least technical person you know, and then have them describe back to you what you do to see how well you’ve done.

Describing what you deliver to clients in simple terms is one of the most important, powerful skills you can master as an AE, and will help you immediately generate interest from potential clients. Good luck and happy selling!


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